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Wind chime



Latha couldn’t conceal her smile when she bought the beautiful wind chime! She loved it so much that she for the first time got out of the habit of bargaining and gleefully handed the full amount, much to the amazement of the shopkeeper.

Her house a dull yellow colored one with no name on it, just the number 176 staring at her and the guests! She wanted some music, some smiles and she thought this wind chime can bring it all to her otherwise dull existence.

And it was an auspicious day that she fixed it.  Her beachside house now suddenly looked to be humming with the breeze, and she thought she can gain friends, she put a chair in the veranda and sat there waiting. One by one tourist started approaching the house, to be confronted by her cold stares and one-word replies and rest is the history. Latha was dejected by the end of the day! She wondered why no one cared to become friends with her. The outer fixed, inner isn’t.


The Beloved



Ancient is a mediocre word to describe this temple, “such grandiose and such elegance”, was all anyone could utter on seeing it.  Temple had a small sub Shiva temple, within it, it’s not so eloquent self, was not a bother, and in it perched, was a familiar persona for 3 decades: Krishnamachari, the head priest.

Shiva was the main attraction to anybody who visited the temple, as it exuberated a strange energy, which many would catch and notice. Krishnamachari spent lot of time ushering the people away from the Shiva temple as they somehow always stood there glued looking at the Linga. Thing that he was strangely proud of. He was not ashamed to admit to himself that it was his sanctum sanctorum more than the deity’s. His inner place, where he always sought refuge no matter what the situation was, he would emerge peaceful from it. Place where he dreamt, wept, smiled and at times giggled. His place! His home.

As they say not all good things last, little did he know that today was the last day as the priest in this temple, and he would be separated from his beloved forever?  Few days back there was a theft in the temple and all suspicions pointed towards Krishnamachari who was the only one who was present in the temple, during the unforeseen event. As fate had it, he was thrown out of temple, without any evidence of him being involved, a game which was played to please the ego of catching the thief for the sake of it. A sport!

What followed was desperate attempts to get back, to plead and finally beg to consider him not guilty, but everyone stood unfazed and he had to leave.  Nobody knows what happened to him after that as no one saw him. It was like he ceased to exist without his beloved.  And back in the temple, new priest was appointed with pomp and glory, but something looks to have changed, initially which was faint now turned out to be huge difference. Shiva lost his energy! His charm, he grew repulsive and devotees turned their backs, temple lost its charm. Or one can say Shiva ceased to exist without his beloved.