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Dear all,

I recently went through a TED talk which spoke about death, and i too have been going through it after i lost my all in one friend (soul mate, mentor) and have been contemplating a lot about it. Death changes things around, infact it will help us lead a better life!! more rich meaningful to make our time here count.

Reason why i am sharing this is, i felt you would understand! after watching the video, i made a list of things i would do before i die! and it kind of put things into perspective, this is not to create  fear or resentment but an opportunity to look at our lives in a healthy perspective. This can be our learning opportunity.

I would urge you to do the same, you can share it in the comment or write down in your diaries and contemplate on the list and create action plan.

My list:

I would want to travel the world  (tangible)
I would want to be able to receive and give love (intangible)

Here is the TED link;

Cheers to life,