Energy beings


Here i was brooding about some heartbreak and i decided to practice intense self love and Reiki. Today in the morning while self healing, i had strange emotions. For the first time i realized whatever i was going through was my making, my thoughts, my frequencies; i created these experiences for myself.

That sudden thought got me thinking that, i can be free of these things if i take responsibility and move on to create and focus on creating better experiences for myself, thinking from a different frequency- love and compassion.

I felt that universe supports us in every ways to manifest our thoughts, so the idea is simple- CHANGE THE THOUGHTS. How many times have i not read such things, been advised but it took me so long to realize this simple thing! and also understood the word- Inner child, so well now. We are constantly spent on controlling the child within, that we seldom learn to let go or love! if there is so much fight within us, how can we think of cooperation from others!! (they deal with it too).

Result of all this- i felt compassionate towards others who have hurt me, as i am aware i created that behavior, that situation, i am not entirely powerless and naive. And not to forget, i am experiencing overwhelming compassion for myself- “If i knew better i would do better”.

I have begun to do things with alertness and add in little more love. I now know that if i create love now, it will be available to me in abundance.

Every feeling that i feel, every thought of mine if planted lovingly will reap better experiences and i can be free from patterns and not be a victim of my own doing.

I know i still have long way to go but i feel good that i have started. Life is looking simple to me. Theory is getting ready to be experienced.

Thank you so much 

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