Lonely man


When I first saw him, he stood out in the hustle and bustle of the busy mall! there were many people who were sitting alone, but this man caught my attention! something was emitting from him, a strange sorrow. His stoic silence screamed  to me, a call of familiarity! and I suddenly felt as lonely as him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, his form, his blank eyes, his weary body; all very familiar.

I told my friends to notice him and they dint find anything interesting and even rebuked me for paying attention to this creepy fellow, who now stood in line before us in the movie counter. And within no time he merged with the flowing crowd into the movie hall.

Throughout the movie i kept pondering about this man, what must have happened, why am i attracted to him so much ! was it the healer in me ? nahh i was nearly sure it wasn’t any healing episode. I turned around and checked if that guy could be seen somewhere, alas no sign of him, and i settled down to watch the movie.

No this isn’t some typical Bollywood movie wherein girl finds the guy, falls in love and lives happily ever after, and i wasn’t in love or attracted to him, i just found a strange warmth, a familiarity. How many times have i not been there where he is now! that zone of sheer helplessness, emptiness. I saw myself in him! How i wish i could tell him that its ok , things will get better, you will again feel part of crowd soon. There will be days that you slip in and out of this zone but it will all be OK. You will heal, you will smile again, you will be beyond your blaring wounds. You will finally manage to conceal them and make attempts to heal too.

People around do not take this seriously ! loneliness – but i feel its the most cruelest form of mental condition and some sort of understanding is required and not   sneering .

And meanwhile i see him for one last time, and i make attempts to make eye contact with him, but he walks away like peter parker of  famous movie- “Life of Pi”

Get well my friend, see the rainbows, get up once again, raise from the bottomless pit.



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