The rise of Phoenix


She spread her arms flamboyantly! Everything looks to have expanded, was it her consciousness? Was she drunk; Nah she isn’t, she knew.  It took forever for her to reach the other side of the tunnel, towards the light! It was a long journey but was definitely worth it. For the light felt so good on her skin, it glided effortlessly in to her soul within no time. She saw light, she is the light!

Every single sense heightened, probably no drug can infuse it; surpassed every single feeling one can feel. She could hear symphonies being played in the background as she transformed; was it Beethoven was it Mozart? Was it a mix of every sound wonderful and translucent?

As she walked past those streets – experiencing this euphoria, her light she couldn’t conceal, those eyes gave away everything! She bent down to stop them from being seen as it was something private and it was for herself. But a shy smile crossed her lips; strangers who walked with her wondered and pondered; “must be in love” they thought. As If she could hear them think, she lifted her eyes and nodded yes to them! She was in love for the first time, with herself.



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