Intricately woven web, beautiful at first sight , ah enticing . Maybe i have always walked on the wrong side of the sticky web.  Or do i see it totally different from others! is it the case of grapes are sour syndrome? well who cares, i am here to pen down my thoughts.

Since sliced bread i was allured by concept of love, perhaps i was a character straight from Mills and Boon. Had it all planned, laid out- only to be found balancing myself in shit load of abuse ! This recent encounter has made it so much difficult to trust anybody who bares his heart and soul. What am i looking at now, companionship or security?Surprisingly what held supreme position -love, is now entirely out of scene. Like a main character killed in a plot but story goes on.

It’s all a story of commitments made and unmade, of broken promises , of impossible twists and turns , of thing called fate; which secretly plotted things when i was busy blushing, smiling, dreaming of tomorrow that i so carefully planned but alas brick by brick it was ravaged, some i was forced to remove, some fell.

Will it ever be same? will i ever be same? questions i ask to myself . Will i be able to trust this natural process, or will i continue to be the one -i am  fearful, little closed. Will these words have power on me like before – I LOVE YOU, will i take it at face value or will i doubt or reject. Is it  a matter of time or matter of eternity?

Will i be able to LOVE again? will LOVE be mine.

Mystic poet Kabir says loudly into my ears – “Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you are looking for.”


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