Something was very weird about today, he thought. Something that started filling his brain  , will grip his heart any moment now. Irony that whole day was spent working, loafing, laughing- mundane. But yet today was different!. He sat there staring at his laptop, strangely, this screen gave him some comfort! companionship which was long lost. He jolted back to reality when he heard ” hey Sathish wont you go home its late”. He gave his practiced smile and said he will in sometime; all left , a strange panic filled him, what next.

He made frantic attempts to connect to his friends, only to be conveniently ignored, sigh bad timing. Sudden surge of loneliness hit him hard. He got up and walked; half angry half hurt, before he realized his feet were numb by all the walking. In that moment his whole life flashed before him! of all the things he lost, things he has gained.  Strange euphoria filled his gloomy heart, like something higher was happening in him. He for the first time started embracing this solitude that he was running away from. He walked into himself.


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