Opposite World


Gripping her bag tight, she walked; she swayed towards her shrine.  Those few moments were so dear, for it gave her chance to begin afresh, to renew, to let go what was not needed. She rehearses the perfect smile, lip glossed, cheeks blushed, hair tied, hand well manicured. Scenes of abuse from the morning, still fresh in her mind; but she has learnt to conveniently ignore, for any moment now she will be entering a world starkly different from hers.

“Hi Madam, how may I help you- this lip gloss will look perfect on your  lips, dazzle your eye with this eye make up and you are ready to kill ”. She grinned and uttered in perfection and subtly,  aiming at her kill. Yes she spends most of her waking hours to beautify many, concealing ugly wounds that blare up in her soul that can never be beautified.


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