Dedicated to someone who is everything and nothing.

We walked through narrow and wide roads, hand in hand , at times at a distance. There was beauty about everything that evening, it was like someone had intoxicated the air, and one wiff lit our eyes. Ah how can I forget you spreading your arms to soak in to that nostalgic moment, those goose bumps of yours, reminded me of mine long lost.  You dint belong to me, nor did I, yet we were one; experiencing something unspeakable. Just the feeling – no name can suffice.

Maybe this is what it felt like  to be a part of – memory in making.  One memory to suffice for life. I flowed effortlessly in that moment, watching you go about! for once i forgot that my life was extremely complex and knotted. For once in life i was just myself, without any fear, obligation, or binding love.  Deep down i knew things would go back to being complex, but for right now i have it simple. That right now was worth a lot.

We laid our hands on one perfect moment, we knew it is short lived, but did we care? We had it all, you and me. We added our colors to the universe; colors that none can define.

This is what I feel, life at its best means- moments filled with soul! Thank you for those mindless giggling, loving looks, those pure intention of just being there. Thank you for being part of my soul that evening.


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