Perched in a corner, I lay awake- only to be greeted by the sounds, smell, touch of rain drops; it slid down my cheeks, mixing with those tears. Drops that spoke thousand words, some of anguish some of relief.

These rain drops spurred a fine emotion, reawakened something which was lost between the battle of love and lust. Once again there was this ache to flow, to stay, a beautiful confusion that consumed me.

Rekindled the feeling of being in love again, how can I forget those hazy eyes, sweating palms- ahh that moment of lovely embrace. Haven’t I waited for you like the Earth waits for the rain? How different am I than her? Those weary days of waiting, but when you/rain touched our soul, it was all worth it. Just the way a mother forgets the pain of nurturing, bearing  in her womb for 9 months, on that noise of cry! that cry changes things forever.

Today I embrace you fully; all your vulnerabilities, abilities are mine, wash me, uproot me – here I stand unguarded, let me flow for some time; this is my only chance to be your Earth.


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