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I can see through


What do you hold in your eyes, what do your eyes hold for you; what do they spill?

Today I noticed in the crowd–

Eyes that spoke of forced silence

Eyes that spoke without respite

Eyes with flashes of light

Eyes without light – pitch dark

Eyes that nurtured sadness- mourning

Eyes burning with passion

Eyes filled with naughtiness

Eyes flaring with rage

Eyes that followed all

Eyes with trapped emotions

Innocent eyes I did find

No wonder they call eyes the window of soul, learn the art and you will be amazed to see the eternal dance of eyes.




Something was very weird about today, he thought. Something that started filling his brain  , will grip his heart any moment now. Irony that whole day was spent working, loafing, laughing- mundane. But yet today was different!. He sat there staring at his laptop, strangely, this screen gave him some comfort! companionship which was long lost. He jolted back to reality when he heard ” hey Sathish wont you go home its late”. He gave his practiced smile and said he will in sometime; all left , a strange panic filled him, what next.

He made frantic attempts to connect to his friends, only to be conveniently ignored, sigh bad timing. Sudden surge of loneliness hit him hard. He got up and walked; half angry half hurt, before he realized his feet were numb by all the walking. In that moment his whole life flashed before him! of all the things he lost, things he has gained.  Strange euphoria filled his gloomy heart, like something higher was happening in him. He for the first time started embracing this solitude that he was running away from. He walked into himself.

Opposite World


Gripping her bag tight, she walked; she swayed towards her shrine.  Those few moments were so dear, for it gave her chance to begin afresh, to renew, to let go what was not needed. She rehearses the perfect smile, lip glossed, cheeks blushed, hair tied, hand well manicured. Scenes of abuse from the morning, still fresh in her mind; but she has learnt to conveniently ignore, for any moment now she will be entering a world starkly different from hers.

“Hi Madam, how may I help you- this lip gloss will look perfect on your  lips, dazzle your eye with this eye make up and you are ready to kill ”. She grinned and uttered in perfection and subtly,  aiming at her kill. Yes she spends most of her waking hours to beautify many, concealing ugly wounds that blare up in her soul that can never be beautified.



Dedicated to someone who is everything and nothing.

We walked through narrow and wide roads, hand in hand , at times at a distance. There was beauty about everything that evening, it was like someone had intoxicated the air, and one wiff lit our eyes. Ah how can I forget you spreading your arms to soak in to that nostalgic moment, those goose bumps of yours, reminded me of mine long lost.  You dint belong to me, nor did I, yet we were one; experiencing something unspeakable. Just the feeling – no name can suffice.

Maybe this is what it felt like  to be a part of – memory in making.  One memory to suffice for life. I flowed effortlessly in that moment, watching you go about! for once i forgot that my life was extremely complex and knotted. For once in life i was just myself, without any fear, obligation, or binding love.  Deep down i knew things would go back to being complex, but for right now i have it simple. That right now was worth a lot.

We laid our hands on one perfect moment, we knew it is short lived, but did we care? We had it all, you and me. We added our colors to the universe; colors that none can define.

This is what I feel, life at its best means- moments filled with soul! Thank you for those mindless giggling, loving looks, those pure intention of just being there. Thank you for being part of my soul that evening.



Touch me like waves,

Wave which is shy and slow,

Wave which is eager to touch me,

Wave which moves me despite feet firmly planted,

Wave which takes no written words,

Waves that look eye in eye,

Waves of love, waves of hope,

Waves of melody that fills my soul,

I sit and wait at the shore,

And when sun sets the dance begins,

Your glory, your madness is all embraced,

Waves which gives, but accepts that I have nothing to offer,

You can be mine only if you touch me like waves do.



Dedicated to a friend, who is forever in and out of love.

He swayed around her, hoping to attract her attention; very thought of him made her blush, she liked being wooed more than being in love, it was like a drug, she felt wanted, alive, when pursued. With attention span of a child they all came and went; she felt strewn time and again, but one day it all made sense to make peace with that feeling of high and lows that followed. She wanted to be alive, gather her life – those small pieces made “Her”; instead of pining for a destination, she decided to enjoy the journey with its oddities and euphoria. She shared pieces of soul with everyone she met. Glad she could do it, made her life colorful- with its shades of grey and blues- VIBGYOR. Wasn’t life all about experiences?



Perched in a corner, I lay awake- only to be greeted by the sounds, smell, touch of rain drops; it slid down my cheeks, mixing with those tears. Drops that spoke thousand words, some of anguish some of relief.

These rain drops spurred a fine emotion, reawakened something which was lost between the battle of love and lust. Once again there was this ache to flow, to stay, a beautiful confusion that consumed me.

Rekindled the feeling of being in love again, how can I forget those hazy eyes, sweating palms- ahh that moment of lovely embrace. Haven’t I waited for you like the Earth waits for the rain? How different am I than her? Those weary days of waiting, but when you/rain touched our soul, it was all worth it. Just the way a mother forgets the pain of nurturing, bearing  in her womb for 9 months, on that noise of cry! that cry changes things forever.

Today I embrace you fully; all your vulnerabilities, abilities are mine, wash me, uproot me – here I stand unguarded, let me flow for some time; this is my only chance to be your Earth.