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Till Death do us apart



It’s been ages since those beautiful days; yet memories lit in my mind afresh, so much so that I vividly remember every single smell, touch, and scene when we passed through that beautiful garden, gently holding hands giggling, and the sweat of your hand tickling me, giving me goosebumps every now and then,  when you looked at me while narrating a funny incident with no care in the world, the only  worry in the world was to hold time from running to make the most of that fleeting time!

Seeing the butterflies I wished I could fly like them, but with you held  close to me in that beautiful moment I made a wish – to  hold your hands till death do us apart. Ah that was a lazy evening of summer in 1960.

Its 2013 and I have kept my promise of holding your hands, these days it’s very difficult for you to move- weary joints, bent body has made you immobile, there is no more  happiness in me when I hold your hand and make you walk to mundane things like peeing and going to bath. I have fared well as I see no bitterness but sheer lack of happiness. Perhaps love is the biggest hole that sucks out all the pain, disgust, and tiredness; and we are blessed that it has manifested well in our lives as here I am still holding your hands when all tried pushing you!

But time has come that I let go off your hands, I know it is a lonely journey henceforth for you but I did my best, I am leaving you as I see death is calling me.

Till death do us apart I will hold your hands.

*Picture courtesy-Google and my friend Raja for finding it and giving the idea:)*