Monthly Archives: September 2013

The New “Me”and “You”


I lay awake as I couldn’t help but notice my life changing, life which is moving fast near me like a tsunami and will ravage me in no time. Losing my partner to life was and is fatal but nothing can be as horrifying facing those pair of eyes!!! I lay wide awake when the sun’s first rays kissed me not with peace and freshness but with a tremor of fear that I felt in my soul, and then I saw those eyes again!! Those eyes which were looking at me with confusion as if aware of the loss, pain yet not fully sure as to what happened, and that moment I knew I will never be “Me” again!! I have to be two “Me” and “You”…

I being and playing a woman all my life have to play the role of “Wo-Man” if not for those eyes! I always thought you will take away something in me when you leave I will be half as I am; as I am known to be your better half but look at me I am standing here laden by the burden of adding you to me! Your death has resulted in a birth of new me!
But when my eyes met those eyes is when I could see the transition happening in me immediately , and I brushed my pain aside and asked my child who kept staring at me “do you want to go out for breakfast?” and there my life filled with duality began!