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You visit the temple every day, hurriedly flipping off your shoes washing your foot from a small tap, oblivious to the fact that I am perched next to it all by myself stretching my deformed hand towards you in hopes that just today you will look at me and give me something, if not a penny but a smile an acknowledgement of my existence here from 10 years that you have been visiting here!

In your constant attempt to please a well-formed, decked statue; by being a different you as you bow towards the deity hoping that he will consider only this you, alas you fail to see much larger much real picture awaiting to be noticed, to be bowed to.

No I don’t call you frugal for you are generous when tipping the deity for having tolerated you for so long every single day! Your shallowness, your pains, your cries, your complains and seldom a good thing or gratitude to share.

You weave a story so focused on self that talking or smiling at you is like punching a wall, your wide forehead filled with color yet a pale life, your eyes sharp and focused on mission(GOD) blocking the surrounding vision amazes me even today.

But yet I wait for a time when you will shed all of it and be real you when you come in the morning flipping your shoes to bow,  making futile attempts to understand who is better – you begging to god or me begging for food.


Of Love and Expectations.


Often in love there are questions posed, silent expectations that creep up; one may say love doesn’t come with conditions and love is better off expectations, but humans and expectations go hand in hand , so is love not for us ? So what is that we have felt and continue to feel?

In my view it’s time we accept Love with expectations clause attached to it. Let’s face the reality that Love which used to be virgin without expectations does not exist or we can go one step further and say it never existed without expectations. Realization of these Expectations is secondary but is there a harm in expecting?


Here is a poem to elucidate my expectations from a loved one-

Will you- be my words when I fail to express?

My thoughts when I am blank?

My smile when I am sad?

Ear when no one cares?

My dreams when I am sleepless?

The presence when I am lonely?

Sunshine when chill prevails?

My strength when I am stooping?

Walking stick when I am blind?

Heart when I am ruthless?

Tears when I am happy?

Beam when I am proud?

My realization when I falter?

Shine of my lifeless eyes?

My inspiration when I need?

The Breeze when I perspire?

Embrace when I break?

Dance when I limp?

Healing light when ailing?

My soul when I am hollow?

Expectations many; can you fulfill?

*Courtesy Google Images.