Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Source.


I woke up feeling strangely happy and contended today; as i went through my daily routine of travelling to office for an hour i got the time to reminisce this feeling of Euphoria , then these words surfaced in my mind and i wanted to badly jot it down –

We are different yet all the same, our soul has the strength of a mighty mountain, flow of a river, Prowess of a Tsunami raging towards mortals, tenderness of subtle nature and what amazes me is our ability choose to be any of it ! we have capacity to choose and change ourselves, haven’t you seen someone as sly as fox and other sweet and giving selflessly as a cow, it’s like picking colors from the rainbow, each day each minute a different theme in life! May be we are all but the same is food for thought, and if we were different it would have been tough to embody these qualities so easily…

We are like drops or let me call ourselves rivers rushing towards ocean, a higher source, some rivers dirty some vast some pristine but all headed in one direction whether we wish or not, that’s destiny; but how we reach and when is the free will.

As I peeped out of the window of cab I could see few running, few walking few wondering where to go! Some taking rest, some eying the road ahead, off course they were going to work but in my head it all was made up like a theatrical where all are playing their role true to shakespheres famous quote of us being actors and world being the stage.

We are all headed towards one source of truth, the light that is waiting to heal our flaw to an extent that the flaw loses its meaning…we are nothing but pieces of it scattered waiting to combine, some waiting to get away and go out and venture to know what is it to be light to be small, fragile compared to Source meanwhile not forgetting our true strength and what we are capable of!

And then I reached office , yes I am crawling but I am assured I will reach there 🙂