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Eleven Minutes


Why do I always feel Men are so fragile a being, yet they themselves feel its puny to be emotional, they put up a rigid face though emotions ooze out of every pore of their body!! I mean haven’t we seen our dads, brothers, etc doing it?

What is it that drives them to act? Is it because of societal conditioning to be less emotional to be less sissy or something inbuilt in them to stop expressing? Or least care about their feelings by women folks? Questions are beginning to be answered.

I have always been interested in digging in deep about this and reading Paulo cohellos “Eleven Minutes” paved a new way into it; Though the central character of the story is a prostitute her findings are so beautiful so intricate; she confirms most of her clientele loved to talk before the act and some surprisingly paid only to talk!! Strange isn’t it? But that’s the truth.

Men are always perceived to be sexual beings which they are but they are NOT ONLY THAT is a thing to understand. They have feelings so vast, emotions too deep that requires a vent out once in a while and most of the flings, crushes happen not merely because of physical attraction but the need of someone to understand, listen (which women folk seldom do).

No I am not here to condemn women but wanted to drive a point that if they could try becoming sensitive to not just theirs but men’s feelings too lot of problems will thin out. It does not mean to give your shoulders to every man around, nay I wouldn’t dare to say that but look around and make things easier for men you love! and experience before you series of magic happening in the very relationship.

Main crux of this to never generalize woman and man in terms of who is more eligible to be emotional, expressive or sexual. I would like to quote Kabir here to justify my feelings-

“One resides in man and women, why to the world they appear two? “

My study is on and will add on whenever I find something worth noting and please feel free to add on to it too.