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Being Human


Here I was again battling with a pain and hollowness in my heart for a trivial thing or at least I presumed it to be! And I come across something
“divine”a  site called “makes me think”.

Before venturing to the reading part I thought I will enter my sad phase and how I got out of it; with new-found pride and self-pity of tackling my so-called sad situations I typed it in thinking of posting it later. Little did I know what I came across changed my life, filled my hollowness, yes I said this site divine because it unshackled me, and made my problems sound puny! Such immense strength few people have despite facing something as intense as loosing someone close! And not to forget we are all surrounded by such people! And yet we cry and brood over petty things! This Surprises me to the core.

Is that because they are brave to face it without complaining or our bad that we are too preoccupied with our tales of so-called
sadness. I hence want to say hats off to you guys who face mountains of problem yet never fail to grab a moment of happiness that comes your way, true – real problems make real people! I would go to an extent to say that they make us human; sensitive
to others feelings!

I remember a verse from a song I hum often which was Gandhiji’s favourite-

Vaishnav Janatho thene kahiye je peed parayee jane re

Par dukkhe upkaar kare tohe man abhimaan na aane re .

Meaning – a true human is one who knows fellow being’s  pain
and when in despair helps you without letting ego manifest.

Please do read –
when free and breathe happiness .Acknowledge people, make someone smile, spread
smiles and most important be human.

P.S -My sad entry went into trash, so did my feeling and
newness empowered.