Sweet Delusion


Ever felt deluded by the fact that your so called love, with the attachment clause added to it is shallow and need bound? Ever torn due to your attachments or people’s expectations-price paid for the so called selfish love? Ever wondered why this tiny yet strong voice creeps out every
time as you enter into a relationship of that nature saying-this isn’t worth it you will be hurt? ;Many a times is it not?

Reason being we are all caught in hollowness so vast and deep that we constantly need something to cling to but alas we end up hooking on to something unreal, so bounded, so limited. Despite failed relationships of such ordinance we rarely try and perfect our love! Or do it in a way which is primarily based on satisfying us alone, but do we succeed is the question?–no is always the answer which lies deep within waiting to be raked up! Sometimes it’s up there but left unheard! We have room for so many worthless mirage like attachments material and immaterial yet not a little for that supreme who fills up the emptiness in such a way that you overflow with joy and selfless love; and emit nothing but boundless love and chance to be a child again!

For better insight let me quote Kabir Das here

The fool doesn’t have a thought

As he sits in his house of sand (body).

Stupefied men say, “My house!”(Attachments of you and others
on you)

That house you’re sleepwalking in

Isn’t yours.

So many owners share this body.

And you cry in protest “mine” repeatedly all the time!

So many owners share this body.

Having said all this let me confess that I am not a great soul and have not gulped this whole inescapable truth but I am making my attempts at it! Evidence –I fail to cry often these days when someone deserts me; I can forgive, I can let go as my heart feels assured its getting me closer to something real –the God, he is breaking my myths and teaching me to just give and expecting nothing from anyone but him!, making the concept of attaching with a detachment clearer and crisper and when In despair I stop and can’t stop marveling god’s ways of bringing me closer to him!! Its divine love and it can be ceaseless!; he lures me every time i walk away from him like an ardent  lover and a devotee too!  In his own unmatchable intelligent ways! And my heart feels we are destined to meet..

And thus I conclude by quoting Kabir again

O servant, where dost
thou seek Me?

Lo! I am beside thee.

I am neither in
temple nor in mosque: I am neither in Kaaba nor

in Kailash:

Neither am I in rites
and ceremonies, nor in Yoga and


If thou art a true
seeker, thou shalt at once see Me: thou shalt

meet Me in a moment
of time.

Kabîr says, _O Sadhu!
God is the breath of all breath._

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  1. This is something I needed. Yes, I have always started and left things half way. Relations, they hurt, hurt as much as a tiny pin to a solid punch. But the bolt with which the hurt strikes doesn’t help but crack you down.

    Awesomely written, the quotes have been used really well. Thanks for this Sam, needed it a lot today.

  2. Anytime Rahul-Love without attachment is bliss -attachments to real-sand like bodies is unreal and unreal things fade – i am like you in matters of relationships -they dnt seem to hold me for long i waver …so connect to real …

  3. Well written, Sam…but love without attachment is a myth. We don’t need to love to be close to any person. When the term, love creeps in, attachment follows & it gets suffocating. Is it really necessary to give a specific name to a relationship or even an emotion ?? I wonder….. 🙂 🙂

    • I somehow agree to you upto some extent ..yes …allthough nt totally 🙂 but agree to-Is it really necessary to give a specific name to a relationship or even an emotion ?? I wonder…..

      Wecome to my blog Viks 🙂

      • It is always a pleasure to read what you write. As they say, great minds think alike… 😉
        I have started writing too, but i dont even come close to this. 🙂 🙂

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