Dancing- my way of connecting to myself.


You know what dance means to me…it’s an escape from myself my mind blocks my physical backlogs, while I dance I run deep into myself so much that I am moved to tears and no more myself!

I remember akon’s song-“Live like you don’t plan to wake up”, my version-“dance like you don’t plan to wake up”, but irony is when you ask me to dance in front of you I make an ass out of myself :), I will try hard to be serious and not keep it just as personal hobby (many failed attempts though)

I feel I was born to dance, I always foot tapped for songs danced silly around my family, irritated dad by dancing in front of TV(which I do even now) and even dreamed of becoming a choreographer (ppl I am serious) sad part was I just dreamed 😦 but alas never got chance to take any trainings or  rather was not keen on taking it too I guess!, and off recently to test my beliefs I landed into a good dance class and to my  horror saw that they restrict dance so much that one ends up doing dancing mechanically(many may not agree to me ) and passion part is neglected to fullest; I agree one needs perfection to dance but to me dance is more about unwinding not getting entangled in it so much so that you forget its essence! It should flow from every cell of your body and should make you crazy momentary and you should submerge in a feeling that whole universe is dancing with you! I am sure one who feels dance is close to heart can relate to me.

I think everyone has dance in them, that thought arised in me when I recently watched movie Step up and they express it the same way! They rightly
felt that everything has a rhythm eg- heart beat!! isnt it ?; I mean hear the birds chirping, clocks ticking, sound of breeze, waves! Everything dances or moves at its pace 🙂 and is it not lovely to know that world is a stage and all are not just actors but dancers too! :)(How cheerfully can we play our part after this realisation) There is a groove in our moves just observe to agree! Even cry of a baby is strangely in tune 🙂

To sum it up Dance is a way of breaking out of our shells, our masks, layers and swinging in oneness in love of anything or sometime feeling nothing! So let’s celebrate it, lets celebrate life 🙂 and try indulging in it 🙂 and for people who are disinterested and others too, my only appeal-  let’s get rhythm and harmony in life by doing good deeds! See by doing so we are grooving with life and others lives too :)and performing well in world’s musical drama 🙂




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  1. Just like the sufi saints who danced, and the jogis and mystics…Who really trained them, who really named their dance style. It said “somebody told Bule Shah that he would attain God if he danced, and he started dancing…” . It is not just dance, everything in fact, everything that can be seen and explained (say dance) and that is driven by anything that is not seen and cannot be explained (say passion, don’t say, it is passion) has always been tied up in syllabus and marks or certificates…it won’t come to you if you won’t completely go to it! Really, what dancing will get you a few cheers and appreciation may not escalate your personal perception of it, what dance pulls a many frown may just leave you with an experience only you can describe or say even you cannot describe! So through this, you must write more…It is really not about you if it is not affecting or helping anybody

  2. The writing is so fresh. I loved it (Even though I am a guy with two left feet. ;)). I agree to all your points. What dance is to you violin is to me.

    But one thing regarding your hatred towards dance classes. They merely show you the rules.

    In dance or in any other hobby, you have to first learn the rules and play and then forget the rules later and play through your heart.

    Just a thought. 🙂


  3. thanks Auri 🙂 did you say violin !!! wow i wud love to listen you play that someday, i sing too and have given stage shows before, so can understand music :)and i totally agree with you with regards to dance classes but i feel not all stop following rules instead them pass it on strongly! we are not comfortable with our body as much as westerners are!

  4. like!super like!
    I need to break out my shells, so I loose al my fat shells 😛
    Now I got a way.. thanks sam

  5. Hey Sam…this is the best one so far. It is straight from your heart i feel.

    I loved reading it all through..keep it up:-)
    ..and Keep Dancing!!!

  6. This post of yours remarks about the the feelings that came straight from your heart and your love towards dancing.

    I would say keep stepping up and let the passion of dancing be alive inside you.


  7. hi sam .. great think on dance.. i too like dancing but unfortunately can’t…
    People who are passionate about dance will love it..

    You really dance well.. keep dancing..

  8. Lovely to see how dance can change the thought of people. After reading this, I suddenly find this urge to start tapping my feet to anything and everything. Enchanting, fresh and yes, you’ve got this ability to hold your readers.

    Keep writing often. Your thoughts might helps someone take up their passion which they once left behind. Great going! 🙂

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