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Dancing- my way of connecting to myself.


You know what dance means to me…it’s an escape from myself my mind blocks my physical backlogs, while I dance I run deep into myself so much that I am moved to tears and no more myself!

I remember akon’s song-“Live like you don’t plan to wake up”, my version-“dance like you don’t plan to wake up”, but irony is when you ask me to dance in front of you I make an ass out of myself :), I will try hard to be serious and not keep it just as personal hobby (many failed attempts though)

I feel I was born to dance, I always foot tapped for songs danced silly around my family, irritated dad by dancing in front of TV(which I do even now) and even dreamed of becoming a choreographer (ppl I am serious) sad part was I just dreamed 😦 but alas never got chance to take any trainings or  rather was not keen on taking it too I guess!, and off recently to test my beliefs I landed into a good dance class and to my  horror saw that they restrict dance so much that one ends up doing dancing mechanically(many may not agree to me ) and passion part is neglected to fullest; I agree one needs perfection to dance but to me dance is more about unwinding not getting entangled in it so much so that you forget its essence! It should flow from every cell of your body and should make you crazy momentary and you should submerge in a feeling that whole universe is dancing with you! I am sure one who feels dance is close to heart can relate to me.

I think everyone has dance in them, that thought arised in me when I recently watched movie Step up and they express it the same way! They rightly
felt that everything has a rhythm eg- heart beat!! isnt it ?; I mean hear the birds chirping, clocks ticking, sound of breeze, waves! Everything dances or moves at its pace 🙂 and is it not lovely to know that world is a stage and all are not just actors but dancers too! :)(How cheerfully can we play our part after this realisation) There is a groove in our moves just observe to agree! Even cry of a baby is strangely in tune 🙂

To sum it up Dance is a way of breaking out of our shells, our masks, layers and swinging in oneness in love of anything or sometime feeling nothing! So let’s celebrate it, lets celebrate life 🙂 and try indulging in it 🙂 and for people who are disinterested and others too, my only appeal-  let’s get rhythm and harmony in life by doing good deeds! See by doing so we are grooving with life and others lives too :)and performing well in world’s musical drama 🙂




I see you and i beam.


I see you and I see nobody else,

I see you in helplessness,

I see you when at peace,

I see you when doors are closed,

I see you through open doors,

I see you standing real amidst the mirage,

I see you in love, I see you in pain,

I see you in infants or anything childlike,

I see you in my success I see you in my failure,

I see you in my tears I see you in my smiles,

I see you in my courage I see you in my cowardice too,

And then I realize you will always be seen;

 As you are me and I am you,

And then I see you and I beam.

Influencer of my life


People rightly say home is the first school for a kid and for me it totally holds good! I am what I am because of my mother. She always says when she saw me first I threw a smile at her as if I knew her from millions of years – I guess that is true! I have never bonded so much with anybody like I have bonded with her! And she too considers me as not just her daughter but as a best friend.

Things I learnt from my mother-

She taught me to love everyone all the time by winning over momentary hate and repeated that its necessary to have mental balance and it can be achieved only through meditation-

She never gave importance to mindless religion and rituals but taught us her simple religion that is – Do things that do not hurt anybody and love as much as possible and take up things that you sub consciously feel good.

She asked us to question our life every now and then and see where we are heading.

Be independent is what she always told me and I dedicate my career to her.

She stressed on importance of developing intuition or listening to our inner voice as that is true quality of humans that we rarely use.

Most importantly I learnt how to trust! She not once asked me about what I did or where I went when I was alone here and struggling but said I trust you!

She maintained that inner beauty is important and not outer.

She always asked us to defend ourselves against injustice and stay silent and accept when we are at mistake.

She taught us that love comes in many forms and you will know when you find it and not to lose heart when it doesn’t come that easily.

Though she never was and is a doting mother I learnt that it’s ok to punish when your kids do something wrong.

She believed in good humor and hence it comes naturally to me.

She urges me to learn music as I have it in me and which I am yet to heed 🙂


She said smiling not only enhances outer but inner beauty too :)so I always try and smile often rarely a fake one 🙂

I wonder how at times she knows without me telling what I am going through even when I am 300 km away from her maybe that is love:)

She taught me to appreciate good work loudly and clearly 🙂

She said its ok to bend a lil to save a relationship but never to compromise in excess, I know not all say that.

She said if you really want to be spiritual why not try brightening up others life with your deeds and love.

Last but not the least she said it’s ok to cry when you really feel so.

I guess its what everybody feel about their mothers:) she is my true role model perhaps my only role model:)



Million Dreams



All wonder about one’s future, Lucky are some who have dreams though they seem to be a mirage, but difficult for some who are so unsure and this can be helped by sitting and thinking about them when at peace! ; so without much ado all of you take a test to self evaluate yourself by jotting down what you are so sure or unsure or what are your action plans to achieve them in columns (Can be studying something as well or as silly as learning to cook sambar); because life without a passion is not worth living at all and to unleash it you may take ages or a minute! So take baby steps towards your contentment. Bring out the unknown in you!


Curry by Lifecurry


Like all even i try cooking and i believe its more  a work of sixth sense(works well with me all the time:))so tried this today:) Presenting Soya Chunk curry with Chapathi 🙂

P.S i am bad at presentation skills :(because after cooking all i think of is gobbling it up 😛



Life is like a curry, spicy salty and in other words if prepared properly and importantly with love it leaves a fresh aroma and aftertaste. So enjoy your dose of curry and make it as tasty as you can! Brew it with salt and spices so that its aroma is spread far and wide and whoever comes across it are full of praises and importantly it satisfies you immensely too! On that note enjoy it till it lasts:)

Importance of Lyrics


I have always maintained that lyrics of a song is what appeals me more than music itself, reason being lyrics creates a strong connection to heart I agree music stirs soul, but it requires a great heavenly music to linger in mind and heart,many a times when we can’t express ourselves we take refuge in songs don’t we ?lullaby to kids , romantic song to spouse., etc we sing it and not merely hum to make a point, so it gives a channel to our emotions(which is so difficult these days when nobody loves anyone truly).I can go on and on about it :)can even write a song to express it :P(how dearly I wish to do it if I could )