Hi all this one i wrote for a competion in one of the blog(results awaiting)

Magnificent waves, I always loved them! They were like my feelings that rush back and forth! Furious sometimes, sometimes smooth and soothing to heart and abstruse! How much I resembled them! But they have conscience of their own, they are selfless they wanted nothing in return , though a while ago I found familiarity between me and them, do I really mirror them? By then tiny little drops of rains fell on my cheeks gliding and mixing slowly with my tears, luckily I had my savior-umbrella. I slipped back to my thoughts-I found comfort in them they are dear to me after all thoughts are only that I have. Waves of questions raised in my heart, have I stopped loving anyone or worst myself! Always wondered what do people or I want? Suddenly like a lightning struck me a realization –“selfless Love is all that we need”! I stepped into my new world with a dream of selfless love. Mission was not simple said my mind but my heart nudged it chanting we will build this dream together standing strong forever nothing’s gonna stop us now.


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