A Note from a Woman on behalf of Women:)


Hello All,

God Made us with lots of interest and creativity, we are symbol of love, symbol of selflessness for those whom we love!!sometimes we are eccentrics(I know most of you men agree on this :P) and sometimes we yell(sorry for that), yet you can’t deny that we are special !! (niraaala he andaaaz hamara)we comfort you like child in distress, shed tears when emotional(hats off to us on this)

Brother of mine sent this in the morning, can’t agree more to it!!!:)

The willingness to listen,
The patience to understand,
The strength to support,
The heart to care and just to be there…

That is the beauty of a lady!

Happy Women’s Day 


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  1. Awesome…beutiful writing.i truely appreaciate and i like the blog and lot of pholosophical learnings. Thanks for sharing Sam. Your amazing 🙂

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